June 24th

Have 2 days worth to enter ūüôā

Lots of positives again, if I look for them, both big and small.

Right now I am enjoying a slice of sourdough bread with almond butter, and my gratitude has to do with having such amazing breads here in Toronto from Blackbird bakery. ¬†They make the most amazing organic, whole wheat breads, and if I don’t have a chance to go down to Kensington market to get something, they are now carried at Pusateri’s grocery store, 5 minutes from home.

I went for my usual 5 km run this morning, and I am grateful for the lovely June weather – it was sunny and cool: just perfect for running.

Had a nice time with Bram tonight while Susie was out, and was happy to go with him to Best Buy, to see his excitement at being able to get the new Batman video game.

Speaking of family, here is a photo from father’s day, with the kids about to dive into the amazing chocolate cupcakes that Aviva made:

Father's day cupcakes

June 22

Oops Рmissed about a week of entries !   Was busy, and just kept forgetting, so I realize I now need to build in reminders for myself.

Went for a run this morning, and have continued being able to run 5 km almost every day, for which I feel grateful.

selfie of me after a morning run:


I was reflecting on how, even though exercise sometimes feels like hard work, I get a lot out of it, that I can feel grateful for:

-getting to be out in fresh air, outdoors (since so much of the day is spent indoors)

-allows me to appreciate the lovely neighbourhood I live in, by seeing lots of streets I wouldn’t normally go dow, and giving me time to see the trees, gardens, architecture, etc

-I am grateful that I am physically well enough to exercise like this

-it feels great to see the gradual progress, week after week, in that my time and/or distance improves, and I feel more fit

-having an iPhone so that I can use a running app with GPS and listen to whatever music I like during my runs

-great sense of accomplishment when I finish the 5 km route

-seeing all the cute doggies being walked by their owners

Lots of other positive things to be grateful for, from the past week:

-Aviva and Evan made a delicious brunch for everyone for father’s day on Sunday (the chocolate marshmallow cupcakes were particularly spectacular)

-enjoyed going to the movie “Inside Out” with Susie and Bram friday

-Rachel and Michael brought some great tarts from a local bakery up north, on the way back from their Bruce peninsula trip

-I took the plunge, and bought a Sony a6000, a camera I’d been researching for months: it is a technological marvel ! ¬†(here is a sample of a photo I took with it:)

Bram and Susie on swing

June 12

Feel grateful that I slept better, and so felt quite well all day today.

Also grateful that Nadine and Izhak invited us for dinner, and we had a nice time with them (and Spike). ¬†Nadine made a healthy vegetable soup and a nice bean salad, along with chicken and cole slaw and garlic bread. ¬†And Izhak found a low fat (5%) cheesecake at a Russian bakery that he thought I’d like.

As I always do on Fridays, ran 3 groups at the hospital today.  I am lucky that I can run the groups the way I want, and can easily get a large room to do the groups in.

No new photos today – maybe tomorrow ….

June 11

Had a rough day, especially felt a little ill all afternoon. ¬†I still have good days and bad days, but I am grateful that overall a lot has improved: I almost never get intense heart pounding (palpitations) anymore, and I don’t have any more dizziness, and rarely feel nausea. ¬†A couple of months ago I found it very hard to work later days (eg. to 5 or 6 pm), but now usually it isn’t difficult.

Also grateful that I got home from work 630 pm (thursdays are my late days), and Susie had dinner all ready and waiting for me, as she knew I was having a rough day.

As well, I am grateful for the nice weather.  I was able to walk to work, and it was a perfect, sunny day.

Also happy that Erin is enjoying Korea, despite the MERS scare.  Here is a photo she sent, on her way to fly to Jeju, a resort island off the coast of Korea:

KakaoTalk_Erin Levitsky_June 9, 2015

June 10 – my birthday

It’s already Thursday morning – I forgot to post last night for Wednesday, so here it is:

I am grateful to have so many friends and relatives and family who called and posted on Facebook to wish me happy birthday.

Susie made a lovely dinner, and spent a lot of time making mejadra, a great spiced rice and lentil dish she knows I love.

I am also grateful that, despite not having a great sleep, I did not feel ill like I did last month when sleep was poor.

And I am happy I got to have my favorite cake, which Susie went out of her way to pick up – the best lemon poppyseed cake in the world !

birthday cake-2 birthday cake

June 9

Some things from today for which I feel gratitude:

-Slept decently, so felt fairly well today

-had a good run on treadmill at gym, again doing 5 km, and finding 5 km getting easier and easier (a good sign I am getting more fit)

-enjoyed going to gym with Bram, and then having dinner with him (Susie was out)

-got my cool new bluetooth earbuds I found on Amazon for only $20 (and they shipped in only 2 days)

-after it rained this afternoon, early evening was beautiful – perfect temperature, sun came out – here is a photo of some budding plant life, as part of this wonderful spring we are having:

macro of buds

June 8

Reflecting on my day today, one thing I am grateful for is having had a 2nd night with decent sleep.  So, I felt well today, and was able to do my 5 km run at rehab today in a very good time (a little over 37 minutes).

Another thing I feel gratitude about, is the nice weather this afternoon, so that Susie and I could enjoy our dinner outdoors on our deck.  It was perfect weather for eating outside, and I loved how surrounded we were by the greenery of all the large trees.

No new photos today, but I will try to at least post a few items for the gratitude journal daily, even if I don’t have always have a photo to go with it. ¬†Maybe I’ll add a photo below, even if it is unrelated to the topics above, just to show one of my favorite shots:

painterly effect

June 7: A day downtown: AGO, Chinatown and Kensington market

Weather was perfect today, so lovely time for Susie and I downtown.  I am grateful to have a day off with no responsibilities, to enjoy the city.

AGO has some great exhibits. ¬†And we saw the Lodz ghetto photographs – such a stark reminder of the Holocaust, that it reminded me of how lucky we are that our families left for North America before WWII. ¬†In Kensington market, got some incredibly delicious chicken sausages that we barbecued for dinner. ¬†I realize how lucky we are to live in a city like Toronto, with so many cool neighbourhoods, and such great food. ¬†Got a wholewheat multigrain baguette at Blackbird bakery, likely the best baguette I’ve ever had ! ¬†And I feel grateful that we live in such a great location in the city, that our neighbourhood is quiet, but we are only a 20 minute drive from downtown.

I also feel grateful that today was a better day, as I slept better last night (on days with poor sleep, I feel ill all day).

AGO reflection

June 6

Lots to be grateful for – some positives from today:

-Went jogging with Larry, through the Earl Bales ravine, and did 5 km.  I am grateful that I can now do 5 km fairly easily, whereas a month ago I really had to push myself.  The photo below shows the trail we took today in the ravine.

-The weather today was sunny and cool Рa beautiful day !  Got to eat lunch out on the deck, under the warmth of the sun.

-Great dinner at Fresh, one of my new favorite restaurants.  They have fantastic healthy soups and salads, and I am grateful there are places like this to be able to eat delicious food that is heart-healthy as well.

jogging path